I offer:

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy
Child, Youth and Adult Counselling
Expressive Therapies
Community and Professional Workshops
Employee and Family Assistance Services


I have extensive experience helping people with:

Relationship transitions, including separation anxiety and depression
Family of origin exploration
Step-family challenges
Developmental issues
Child and adolescent behaviour
Adult children and ageing parents
Loss and grieving
Recovery from physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Cross-cultural issues
Acquired traumatic brain injury issues       (survivors, family members & service providers)

On-site staff counselling

My services in trauma recovery include the option for on-site counselling in the aftermath of an on-the-job traumatic event such as an employee death or serious injury. This on-site service allows staff to have access to in-house counselling, on an as needed basis. Typically this would involve being on-site for a block of time, possibly four or five hours once a week for a number of weeks, though that would vary depending on the situation and the size and availability of the staff.